The Concept
  • We have observed that there is no common meeting place where knowledge seekers & knowledge givers can come together, ask & share what they want & earn
  • It is then we came up with the idea of KnowledgeCredits to remove any barriers of seeking as well as imparting knowledge
  • Before we started working on this we interacted with multiple stakeholders videlicet corporate, students & many others, took their valuable inputs wherever required
  • It was then that KnowledgeCredits got conceived & realized by our team and thereafter launched
To become a global marketplace where real knowledge is above everything,gets its due recognition and credit using KnowledgeCredits as a platform.

  • To become a collaborator,integrator, and interface for knowledge creation & provision
  • To facilitate exchange of knowledge across all the domains.
  • To provide opportunity for individuals and organizations to showcase, gain & validate their knowledge
  • To help individuals and organizations quantify knowledge hence quantify its real worth
  • To guide individuals to realize the real potential of their knowledge
  • To become a global platform for self Learning

  • This is a Knowledge Portal for a community wanting to share & learn
  • This caters to individuals looking for skill upgradation opportunities from training & courses as per applicability as well as getting new job opportunities
  • Provides platform for those wanting to earn by using KnowledgeCredits services at a reasonable price which can be service providers, experts, etc.
  • This platform is first of its kind where it brings together Knowledge Seekers as well as Knowledge Givers
Key Beneficiaries
  • Service Providers : Reach to all prospective Knowledge Seekers
  • Corporates : Get Knowledge Providers within your Scope,Time and Cost Constraints
  • Students : Get hold of best Knowledge Providers and their offers
  • Partners : Add value into Global Knowledge Market
  • Professionals : Connect to people with Knowledge Experts and enhance yourself
  • Experts : Earn deserving remuneration from your Knowledge Expertise
  • Freelancers : Get compensated for your Knowledge Depth