Reduce Your Marketing & Sales Costs through KnowledgeCredits

Advertising is vital to the growth and prosperity of most businesses. Yet, the cost of advertising can be a scary endeavor for many small businesses that struggle just to cover operating expenses. Advertisement is meant to persuade audience to your business. Knowledge providers adopt many forms of advertisement videlicet pay per clip (cost per click/ppc), print media, online ads, broadcast advertisement, social media advertisement, etc. and struggle with enormous outlays of cash. The good news is that Knowledge Credits is well versed to save your money when it comes to advertising costs for your business.

Following are some examples where we can help you reduce costs

Print Media Ads

We will give you at least 30 % reduction in your print media costs. If you have not tried print media ads before, we can provide you very affordable options in print media

Google and Other Pay per Click Ads

We would deliver you more leads for the reduced budget. We can show at least 50 % reduction on your per lead and conversion costs

Conferences, Tradeshows, Industry Events

We are ready to share your costs of participating into various events and tradeshows

Printed Material like Brochures, Handouts etc

We are ready to share the cost of various publicity materials you will need

Flexible Model

We are ready to provide various flexible options to manage your Marketing & Sales

Knowledge Credits has a wide reach with knowledge providers, knowledge seekers, partners, corporate, experts, freelancers, etc. which can not only ease the advertisement process but also reduce the expenses for knowledge providers.

Working with us can promise you enormous benefits like extensive promotion of your services, driving sales up, building strong brand identity, increasing buzz value, etc.

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